Favorite Disney Bounds

Hey everyone! As a bit of a Pintrest nerd and a Disney nerd, we have ended up with a whole lot of disneybounds saved to our boards. We thought it’d be fun to share three of our favorites. Please keep in mind that we do not claim some of these creations as our own.


Peter Pan Disneybound by kfj16 on Polyvore featuring H&M, Timberland, Aurélie Bidermann and Disney:

Peter Pan



"Nick Wilde" by disney-teen ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Miss Selfridge, River Island, Chloé, Palm Beach Jewelry, Steve Madden, disney, disneybound, disneyfashion and zootopia:

Nick Wilde

Much loveTBP.jpg


Disney Dress-up Outfits of the Past!

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Hey everyone!

Finding your way to this blog means that you probably have a pretty big obsession with Disney, but, if you’re anything like us, you might not have the ability to visit the parks every week! For us it also means that one of our biggest dreams is to be able to work as characters in the Disney Parks. Unfortunately we aren’t able to do that quite yet, so what do we do in the mean time? We embrace our inner four year olds and dress up! We can satisfy our need to be princesses by finding easy and fun ways to become our favorite characters with things we have around the house. The pictures below are some examples of what we have done in the past.



Jasmine is Kate’s favorite princess to dress up as and her best friend of choice at Disney World. We obtained this look by using a scarf we found in Kate’s closet and some strategically placed safety pins to emulate Jasmine’s beautiful crop top.



This is one of our favorite character dress-ups that we have done so far. It turned out looking so much like Belle’s actual costume but was so simple to assemble! We attained this look by layering a simple blue dress from Forever 21 over a white collared shirt. The apron is another button down shirt that we tied around Daisy’s waist. The hair bow is an easy DIY project and we have used it in costumes for Belle and Ariel.


Snow and Jasmine

This was a fun one! We wanted to try to play characters not usually available to us, just for fun! These were both more of Disney bounds rather than costumes but was still a ton of fun to do.


Wendy and Tiger Lily

Wendy is one of Daisy’s favorite characters so we had to do a Wendy and Tiger Lily dress up. The nightgown Daisy is wearing is a 50’s inspired nightgown we found on Poshmark for $15 (one of our favorite purchases). Kate is wearing a simple tan top and a blue necklace that was found sitting in a drawer we hadn’t opened for years. Amazing what you find when you clean! 😉

Lotsa Love,